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Spring-shaped PDO of high elasticity by special methods.
Derma spring is made to keep its own ability of restoration with the spring-like thread by hardening it after making turns to one direction and compresses better with physical stimulus upon tissue than normal plane PDO. The spring-shaped PDO, Derma-spring maintains original elasticity even when pulled up and down by force. That is, Derma spring plays a great role of maximizing the effects with high elasticity in our skin just as a bouncy spring with its elasticity.

Benefits of  Spring

  1. Spring-shaped PDO with high elasticity by special methods
  2. Response made between constant physical stimulus and tissue through elasticity
  3. Increase of collagen synthesis, Increase of secretion of growth factors & cytokines (high concentration effects) 6-0 PDO
  4. Maximize fibrous bridging effect created between threads by winding up threads around a needle very densely with cylindrical pore
  5. Argumentation effect by inserting densely wound threads (rolled length 2.0cm, unrolled length 10cm)
  6. Lifting effect using directions of elasticity
  7. Constant mechanotransduction effect through elasticity
  8. Increase of secretion of cytokines
  9. Lifting effect through collage generated along the line
  10. Cell cultivation effect using wide contact surface and pore
  11. Sterilized production for elasticity
  12. Patented technology maintaining elasticity for 2 years at the longest

PDO Thread Spring